Newsletter 2018-1

Welcome to the first AFABS monthly newsletter

Just over three months ago AFABS was born through the visions and hard work of a few dedicated people. These people shared an ideology and love for the White South African , a vision where the white South African can again take his place in society with renewed self-respect and hope for a brighter future.

Let’s do a quick overview of the past 12 weeks.

AFABS is set apart by the fact that the operating model is designed by leaders in the field of technology, business and various other specialization fields. The various focus areas of AFABS are managed by leaders in their respective fields, with the knowledge, skills and abilities to provide a solid baseline, on which the AFABS solutions are provided.

The AFABS digital platform can be found on we want to encourage you to join and interact with everyone.

The digital platform allows trade across all geographical barriers, by the effective integration with all known payment methods. You can sell and purchase products and services with ease. Cryptocurrency, EFT, Credit cards etc.

 The AFABS welfare organization has assisted over 110 families with relief products. Although AFABS ultimately agrees that the true solution, should be in equipping our fellow white South Africans with a maintainable method in moving forward and taking their place in society, we do become involved, under the leadership of Sylvia White with determining immediate needs and assisting with those needs.

November 2018

The AFABS safety and security division is tightly controlled under Henry White and has assisted with various training sessions and awareness campaigns. We hope to see as many of our fellow brothers and sisters get involved in this. Ultimately the responsibility to incorporate safety and security measures for you and your family, remains your responsibility. The biggest mistake you can make is to believe, that it will not happen to you. Rather live a life that is alert, than a life,, where you may have to raise a late alert.

The AFABS Insurance Solution has been negotiated with PSG, where AFABS members will be offered exceptional insurance options and service, while the AFABS system will be expanded by a reward system, paid from the insurance company, instead of the members. PSG offers various value added services to the members and provide you with peace of mind and professional personal service.

Let’s talk Christmas!!

As a Christian, the offenses, the various viewpoints, the judgements from everyone, about, just about anything, can truly ruin the spirit of Christmas.

Don’t celebrate Christmas, Don’t put up a Christmas tree don’t give gifts on Christmas. Add a hundred and ten various other stories, till eventually you just want to go back to work! 😊

Over the last few years, these types of arguments have literally moved me away from the spirit of Christmas and I was never one for the commercialized Christmas. It just had a special meaning for me, to know that I can share a time of thankfulness and awe with my children and see everyone have a break from the demands that they face for 335 days a year.

I love my Christmas tree, I love the lights that flicker, the angel choirs, the wonderful singing in Church and at various other concerts. It makes my heart happy and soft. In my eyes, everything I do and witness is an honor to God and an excitement for Jesus, knowing that, the excitement was probably felt in Heaven just before Jesus was born on earth. Knowing the saviour will be born, saving people made after God’s own image, that He loved so much, even while we keep disappointing Him.

I got a better understanding of this a few days ago, when I heard the following: The devil did not force them to sin, by eating the apple, or by talking to him. The devil did one thing only, he made Eve and Adam doubt God’s word.

Now, God’s word explicitly says that His son Jesus was born and Jesus was born in a manger. God’s word does not say what the date was and logically I understand that December 25th is not Jesus’s birth day. However, I firmly believe, when God say, that He will even use, that which was intended for harm to His honor. When I celebrate Christmas and the way in which I celebrate it, in my heart the only aim is to appreciate and honor our Saviour. Thus, I cannot see why I would allow other people, to remove the happiness and awe I feel at Christmas because of their personal views and opinions.

Herewith the AFABS family wishes you a Blessed Christmas, may you remember what is really important at this time of the year.

December Safety for your kids

  • Due to the silly season, leave and generally just chaos, remember to be extra vigilant in parking areas over this season. People are rushing, few people have any patience left and we don’t always realize parking areas are as dangerous as a road.
  • Due to the high traffic volumes, excitable kids and distracting hot weather, we all tend to lose concentration while driving. Ensure that the children have ample, non-noisy activities to keep them occupied in the car. Sudden noises or objects being thrown become a concentration breaker that can cause you to be involved in a serious accident.
  • Keep anything in the vehicle that ca become a projectile and harm a child or passenger, strapped down or remove from the inside of the vehicle.
  • If your child is home by himself or herself, remember to prepare an exit strategy, should a break-in commence, while he is in the house. Your child should also have a code word, that will alert you that he is in danger and unable to speak freely.
  • Keep the information, regarding your child alone at home, to the minimum people. Ensure you have a neighbour that is home’s contact number, and alert this neighbour to the fact that your child will be alone for portions of the day. Try and alternate your departure and arrival times, to make sure, there is no specific routine, that can be banked on.
  • When in a crowd, try to dress your child in a very bright color shirt, this will enable a quick spot in the crowd, if the child has gotten lost or wandered off.
  • Play open cards with your children about the dangers of strangers and where possible, visit the mall in a group or leave your children with a responsible person.
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