The people of a district or country considered collectively, especially in the context of social values and responsibilities.

Our people have been marginalised and the time has come for our brothers and sisters to take hand and stand up and stand together. aFABs provides the perfect platform for our community to interact and trade with each other. We now have an opportunity to build our own economy and uplift  and protect the people and environment we love. The aFABs community is bound in unity and underpinned by the foundation of strong principles and values……





















Q: What will aFABs do for me?

A: aFABs has identified the need for our Afrikaner-Boers to stand together in order to secure our future for our families. Because of this need aFABs designed and created a platform for its members to start interacting with each other through our own social and trading platforms. It is our duty to ensure that our platforms are geared for your convenience to trade and interact within the community.

In addition to the need to stand together, aFABs has also identified the need for protection of our community. aFABs is in the process of building a security company with the aim of serving our community members.

We have already made great strides in serving the less fortunate and will continue to grow in this area with upliftment projects.

Also close to our heart is the precious environment we live in. Protection of our environment will create a sustainable future for our children.

aFABs, through its Digital platform has now created a superb opportunity for you to trade your products and services to our members who have pledged to support our traders and services providers. If you do not currently have any products or services to offer, now an opportunity exists for you to start your own business. Your community will support you.

Q: What is expected from me?

A: We are not looking for spectator members. We need you to get involved. If you are here expecting a handout, then this community is not for you. You will realize the benefits of being a member as you help grow our community into a force to be reckoned with. You have skill. We want to use your skill to build the community. We want you to support the traders and service providers of this community as they will support you. It is simple, if we do not support each other, we might as well switch the light off and go home now.

Q: Is this some sort of religious or political movement

A: No, however our values are based on the Christian belief system. As a member, you may not worship satan. We are not associated with any political party. aFABs is run as a business for the purpose of empowering our members.


Being an member of aFABs is easy. If you feel that you want to be part of the change we envisage for our community and can resonate with our values and beliefs then you will feel welcome in our community.

There are 3 membership levels, Discoverer, Explorer and Pioneer, with the latter containing two additional degrees.


This is someone who has heard about aFABs and would like to know more. It is expected that the Discoverer is aware of our vision, mission and policies, having read and studied our informational brochure (available on registration). This brochure will provide basic information about aFABs. Once you decide that you want to know more, you are required to attend an informational session. You will also have immediate access to our digital community. More information about aFABs will be provided at this session. After attending the Information Session, you will receive our rules, values and expectations. Should you wish to become a full member, you are required to study these as there will be a formal induction process to graduate you to an Explorer member.


You are a full member of our community, supporting the aFABs value system. You are contributing to the community according to your capabilities. Your are involved and committed and making a difference by contributing to the change we envisage.


You are making a significant contribution to our community and the impact you are creating is notable and commendable. aFABs recognises your contribution and dedication. With growth the title of Master Pioneer and Grand Master Pioneer can be obtained.